Our Adoption Journey

We are blessed to have worked with American Adoptions as our agency. They coordinated our home study, made sure we met the requirements to adopt in all 50 states, assisted us in developing our marketing materials and video, matched us with an incredible birth mom, and their exceptional social workers supported us all! 


After using other agencies and waiting nearly two years, about two months after going active with American Adoptions, we received the call notifying us that we were matched with a birth mom named Teagan. A couple of hours later, we were on the phone with Teagan. That first call was amazing. We spoke for more than an hour getting to know each other and talking about our hopes for an open adoption. That’s when we found out that she was due to give birth in a couple of weeks to a healthy baby boy. We concluded that first call with Teagan asking us to consider Everett as a name. We hadn’t considered Everett as a name, but we loved the suggestion and we thought it would be wonderful to tell our son that he was named by his birth mom.

Soon thereafter, Teagan decided to be induced on Monday, January 11, 2021. So we headed to Nebraska to meet her a couple of days before. Due to COVID-19, our first meeting was a carry out dinner in our hotel room with her mom Tracy. We immediately hit it off! Teagan gave us gifts for baby Everett including a stuffed animal with a recording of his heartbeat. We gave Teagan a stuffed animal identical to one that would be given to Everett. That night, Teagan invited us to join her in the delivery room to welcome Everett the next day!

Teagan was induced at 9pm on Monday, January 11. We took a quick nap by our phones and waited for her mother to call us to head to the hospital. The call came at 4am on Tuesday, January 12. We were all packed and ready to go, so we got to the hospital within 30 minutes and went right to the delivery room.

Everett was born at 12:04pm and weighed in at 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Watching his birth was the most amazing experience of our lives and we are so incredibly grateful to Teagan to inviting us in. We spent the next couple of days in the hospital in a room right next to Teagan and we were able to take care of Everett together. We were discharged on Thursday, January 14 and that afternoon we all signed the appropriate paperwork to finalize the adoption.

We look forward to a lifetime of wonderful experiences with Everett and Teagan!

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