The Blessing of Community

Several years ago, we moved to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin as we knew that when the time was right, we wanted to start a family. We had heard so many wonderful things about the community and how centered it was on young families from the excellent schools to the beautiful parks and great recreation centers. What we didn’t know was how welcoming and friendly the little village was.


If we weren’t living it, I would say that communities like Whitefish Bay were a thing of the past. Our neighbors watch our house and water our flowers when we are on vacation and their daughter is our dog walker. The entire community celebrates holidays together with parades through our quaint downtown complete with plenty of candy thrown to the children who anxiously wait on the sidelines. Public parks and beaches line the lakefront and make a perfect spot to view fireworks in the summer. There are ice cream socials in front of the library, pumpkin-carving contests in the fall and block parties to welcome the good weather.

This past year was our first experience with the schools as we were hosting an AFS exchange student. We were nervous about how a young man from a different country would fit in, however he was welcomed with open arms. His teachers provided him extra help before and after school as he was navigating English as a second language and he rapidly found new friends on the cross-country team. Neighbors hosted welcome parties and goodbye socials. When he left, it was clear that Whitefish Bay would always be his American home.

While we know that we’ll provide our future child the best home we can, knowing that they’ll grow up in a community that is supportive, caring and welcoming is a blessing. Right out our door will be neighbors that look out for them, children to play with, teachers that go the extra mile and friends who will love them.

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