We’re now a “Waiting Family!”

Waiting1Before we started seriously learning about the adoption process, we were told by a few close friends that it was a process of hurry up and wait. As we interviewed adoption agencies and learned more about the process, we came to learn that before you are considered a “waiting family,” there was much to be done. Education classes. Medical appointments and physicals. Home studies with social workers. Getting licensed as a foster home, which involved a series of safety inspections. Books to read. Financial disclosures. Oh, and we had to sign a contract that said if either Justin or I were to get pregnant, we were still responsible for our obligations. Perhaps there are cases of immaculate conception among gay male couples? This gave us a good laugh.

Now, don’t get us wrong. There is a process for a reason and we’re grateful for every step along the way as we’ve grown together and are much more prepared today than we were a year ago. I would even venture to say that we may have the most safe house in the entire county! With a total of 9 fire alarms on two floors, if there ever were to be a fire, everyone on our block would know. Better safe than sorry.

The process behind preparing a family for adoption is very thorough, as it should be. As we complete this part of the process, we find ourselves wondering if adopted children are, as a whole, the most loved kids in the world? Adoption is not something that any family can enter into lightly and from what we’ve experienced to date, it is amazing to see so many wonderful, caring adults centering decisions around a child’s best interests. The process may be challenging, but hopefully the result is well worth it. For its part, Adoption Services, Inc. has done a terrific job in our preparation.

Yesterday, we officially became a “waiting family” with our agency. Now, we are at the moment where we put our desire to create a loving home for a child out into the universe and wait. We find ourselves thinking about the day that a birth parent will walk into our lives and it will change forever. As they say, the best things in life come to those that wait, so today, we are thrilled to be waiting!

One thought on “We’re now a “Waiting Family!””

  1. I just keep thinking of how lucky any baby/child would be to land in your home and lives. I have a former student and her husband who adopted two children (beginning with the children as fosters) and she documented every single moment and story on Facebook (no pictures of the kids and they had superhero names to keep their identity anonymous). Following them was a most interesting journey. They are now the official parents, but it was a long journey. They adore their two kids more than if they were their biological kids because of the emotional nature of the process. I hope your final outcome is as blessed as theirs was.


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